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How to Use Canva To Create Blog Graphics

If you are blogging for a while or you just started your blogging, you’ve probably realized that having nice images and graphics for your posts is just as important as the words that you write in your blog. An unattractive image or graphic can turn readers away from a post that has really good content. An unattractive image or graphic can also keep your post from being shared on social media.
But we have brought good news for you. You do not need a professional graphic designer to create nice images and graphics for your blog. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet and our favourite graphic design companion Canva.

Canva is a graphic design tool which you can access via the Canva app or site. Canva is great tool for graphic designed challenged bloggers. Because it makes graphic design quick and easy.
We are here to tell you how you can start using Canva to create your blog graphics by following these easy steps.

Sign up or sign in
Go to and sign in if you already have an account. If you don’t have an account you have to sign up. Canva have options to sign up for free or purchase a Pro Plan.
If you are just starting out blogging and do not want to spend extra money, then we will suggest you to start with the free plan. The plan has:

  • Access to 8,000+ free templates
  • Access to thousands of free photos and graphics
  • Ability to create designs with custom dimensions
  • Ability to export designs as PDF, JPG, PNG
  • 1 GB of storage for images you upload

Select your template

After logging in you’ll see menus at the top. In the sidebar you will see You can use that to select a premade template. You can also create your own design from scratch.

Canva has multitude of dimensions. So, you can create horizontal, vertical and square graphics of all sizes. The templates will give you either a starting point or a ready-to-use design. It will make the whole process easier.

Add an image or design element

You may want to change the placeholder image with one that fits your blog aesthetic and the topic of your blog post. This will depend on what template you use. You can access the free image library that Canva offers. You can also upload your own image.

You can keep one thing in mind that is if you use your own image, it will be good to upload a high-resolution image. So, when you resize or crop the image it doesn’t pixelate and get blurry.

You can also add design borders, shapes, lines, icons and much more.

Add your branding

If you have specific fonts or a colour palette for your blog, you will obviously want to make sure those elements are used in the design of the graphic. Canva has several great fonts from which you can choose from. It is also a part of the free plan which is great.

Canva also recognizes the fonts you use most often and brings them to the top of the font menu.

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