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Mast Consultant’s New App To Promote User Experience

As there are millions of start-up companies rising in this time of the century and most of those companies are successful. One such successful company is Mast Consulting. Mast Consulting Group is a home-grown start-up and it is a UAE-based holding company. The company has announced the launch of its Customer Intelligence and Analytics App or CIAA. This has been introduced to provide a seamless ecosystem to consumers as it has become a part of their life to interact with various brands as well as with their service partners.

The app has the feature of a strong ecosystem that enables customers to easily connect with brands to manage their assets, and also receive post-sales service support. The app has been designed in a way to provide the customers completely personalised user experience and to become their innovative digital solution.

This app is not only beneficial for the customers who want to maintain their relationships with various brands but brands can also take up the necessary steps through this app to maintain their relationship with customers. Brands can monitor the overall performance of their service partners and ensure a higher level of consumer satisfaction. This will assist the brands to function their operations successfully. This will help to maintain the service partners and to check if there are any revenue leakage in their services. This will also help them to provide services in a transparent manner to their customers.

The founder and CEO of Mast Consulting Group, Abhay Pandey has said that CIAA has already proven efficient its customers excellent services, building brand affinity, and aligning themselves with ‘Towards the Next 50’, Which is the main goal of the company.

He has also added “Being a home-grown start-up, we understand the needs of UAE based customers. With the launch of our Customer Intelligence and Analytics App, we look forward to connecting customers, brands, and their partners on a single digital solution, which ensures the best user experience for all stakeholders”.

The company has also said that the app has already established a secure channel for consumers to share their data, provide feedback, and also rate the quality of products and services. As this app is powered by analytics and consumer intelligence, this app is capable of providing a smooth service to the customers. This app also promotes the right kind of experience, increase engagement, and learn what their end-users truly desire.


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