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New Chinese market to offer Dubai shoppers an affordable shopping

The establishment of Yiwu Market, the product of a collaboration between DP World and the China Commodity City Group, was done so in order to support the UAE’s ambitions to relieve supply chain constraints during the coronavirus outbreak. The market boasts a total of ,600 showrooms spread across two floors and caters to both retail as well as wholesale shops. The market is a hit among the locals as well as tourist due to its affordable price point on goods and the wide range of options on products.

The affordable price range is due to multiple factors that include close proximity to the Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport that ensures tenants can manage transportation of the goods hassle free. Not just that they also get a leeway in paying the management fee for the first 27 months which reduces their overheads considerably. Last but not least, due to its location within the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (Jafza) free zone, tenants at Yiwu Market benefit from comparatively low licence charges as well as lower logistics costs for import and export due to its closeness to sea and air transport channels.

One of the biggest benefits of the Chinese market is its contribution to the increase in Dubai’s significance as the ultimate shopping destination.

Some of the major highlights of the Yiwu Market include the 200,000 square metres area that houses the 1600 showrooms in which 99% are already occupied. The entire two floor market space is systematically divided into categories namely electronics and appliances, beauty and accessories, tools and hardware, furniture and lighting, kitchen and more.

The noteworthy aspect of the whole setup is the details that have gone in making the system logistics friendly for efficient movement of goods. Due to the warehouses’ close proximity to the showrooms, it is simple to deliver goods to them, removing the effect of low-stock delays on outbound trade. Additionally, each warehouse has a specialised loading dock that provides complete logistical support for the swift transportation of goods.

Yiwu Connect, a designated location that enables cross-border networking and information sharing between dealers in Dubai and factories in China, is what really makes Yiwu Market stand out.

With the use of “Yiwu Connect,” local traders will have direct access to Chinese factories without the use of a middleman, and they will be able to verify the products for quality assurance before bringing them into the Dubai Yiwu Market. Customers will now have a higher level of quality assurance thanks to this service, which comes at a time of unparalleled supply chain issues.

We recognised the need for a marketplace where products could be bought, sold, imported, and exported all in one location with the least amount of hassle and expense. According to Abdulla Bin Damithan, CEO and managing director of DP World UAE and Jafza, “We are quite excited about how it would enhance the trading experience for our traders and shoppers.”

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