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Expo 2020 proved sustainable development goals can be achieved

Expo 2020 was a place where over 250 nationalities from different backgrounds have met. It a proof that collective action can make a difference to the world. As commissioner-general of UN at Expo, Maher Nasser, thinks so.

The commissioner-general of UN at Expo is very positive about the fact that for the first time in history, the United Nations General Assembly has decided to move the Global Goals Week to Expo 2020 Dubai.

“Expo is currently the world premiere event taking place in the middle of the pandemic with 10 million people already having come here… and world leaders are coming here. We thought that it is probably most appropriate for the first time the Global Goals week to be held outside of New York is to be held at Expo where 192 countries of the world have pavilions here and world leaders are coming.”- Maher Nasser, commissioner-general of UN at Expo.

The Expo event is going to be held from January 15 to 22. The event will bring together some of the top world leaders.

This Global Goals Week is the seventh of the 10 themed weeks planned by Expo. This is a part of ‘People and Planet’ programme of Expo.

The commissioner-general is very optimistic about the fact that the world nations are coming together to accelerate action to achieve the crucial 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Experts said that the world was not on track to meet the SDGs even before the Covid-19 pandemic started and the arrival of Covid had further derailed the SDGs.

“Now for the first time since 1990, the number of people living in extreme poverty increased increase by over 100 million people. Hunger increased, and we have seen a rising and troubling rising in inequality – inequality on social and economic indicators. So, that is why now pushing with the Global Goals Week in New York and here, it’s a reminder to urge further action by governments at different levels, by individuals, by businesses, by leadership of all sectors, so that we really try to come back on track… because we want to be in a world where everybody thrives in peace, dignity, and on a healthy planet.”- Maher Nasser, commissioner-general of UN at Expo.

Nasser also added it is an ideal time to revitalize the SDGs. Because in this time, the governments across the world are working towards to have better economic stimulus and better health care and social systems. All these efforts will be aligned with the SDGs.

The senior vice-president of Communications at Expo, Sconaid McGeachin have elaborated the highlights of the week. He said, figures and thought leaders such as Bill Gates, Richard Curtis and Reem Al Hashimy will be there in the event. The Minister of Water and Irrigation from Jordan, Mohammed Al Najjar will also be present in the event.

Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of United Nations; Sanda Ojiambo, COO and Executive Director of UN Global Compact and Jerome Foster II, White House Advisor will be present in the event virtually.

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