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Dubai Investments Hand overed It’s Billion Dollar Worth Project

Dubai Investments is an infamous organization which has already contributed in building many significant projects in emirate. The company now has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to driving the thriving real estate sector with project handovers, that is worth Dh3.5 billion in H2 2021across Dubai and Fujairah.

The company has already given a statement about the portfolio, they have handed over during the second half of 2021 includes the handing over of the final phase comprising of mall, retail, offices, and the hotel within the commercial cluster of the Dh3 billion Mirdif Hills Project which is a mixed-use community development based in Mirdif. The company has also handed over the residential cluster within the project in 2020.

The company has declared to media that the work of Dh470 million flagship Al Taif Business Centre project in Fujairah – a mixed-use project comprising of the mall, office tower, residential tower, and the hotel is progressing in a steady way and will be completed soon.

The vice-chairman and CEO of Dubai Investments has said “We are completing the final phases of the projects at strategic locations, offering a range of investment opportunities, aimed at furthering economic diversification and enhancing the investment environment. Our commitment to a fast-paced track to growth will ensure the sustainability of the development process and the consolidation of a knowledge-based economy that can attract assets and investments from around the world”.

According to the report of the company, this project will include residential, commercial and hospitality segments which is the key important element of this project. The company has also decided that the two projects will provide more than 240,000 Sq. ft of retail space with 100 retail units and also provide more than 280,000 sq. ft of office spaces and 350 hotel rooms and 1200 units of residential and serviced apartment.

This project taken up by the company is considered to be a benchmark in the emirate’s planned urban development. This project is also supposed to attract investments and it will elevate the investor’s mindset to think of Dubai as a vibrant business destination. This project will also develop hospitality, retail, and entertainment sections across the emirates.

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