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Meta Is Rumored To Be Building Retail Outlets

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is considering opening its retail storefronts as it seeks to break into the metaverse.

According to the New York Times, the storefronts will allow the business to demonstrate technologies such as virtual reality goggles and teleconferencing gear that allow individuals to video chat using Facebook. It would be the first actual location for the social media company.

The announcement of the company’s vision comes less than a week after Facebook renamed itself, Meta. According to the company, it’s changing its focus to create a virtual environment or metaverse where users may socialise, work, and play. The shop plans, which The New York Times said could be abandoned, reveal that Meta needs a physical presence to demonstrate what it can do in the virtual world.

The company sells a variety of things that clients can test out in person. Its Oculus Quest virtual reality devices, which will be dubbed Meta Quest, may allow users to see the company’s concept for a metaverse before making a purchase. The company also sells rebranded Facebook Portal video chat devices called Meta Portal. Both have already been released in stores such as Best Buy.

In recent months, Meta has been under fire after a former Facebook employee exposed data to Congress and the public revealing that the business is aware of various vulnerabilities with its platforms but chooses to ignore or not fix them.

Meta is rumoured to be planning a flagship store in Burlingame, California, where Reality Labs is based. Before the name change, the company’s retail stores were reportedly dubbed the “Facebook Store.”

Retail locations have shown to be successful for companies like Apple, and Google recently launched its first presence. Last year, Microsoft closed its retail stores to focus on its online business.


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